Summer course 2018 – Perugia

Lifecourse health development

Empowering people and settings

The 27th residential Summer School was held in Perugia, Italy, hosted by the Experimental Center for Health Promotion and Education, in collaboration with CERSAL, Umbria Region, Municipality of Perugia and Orvieto. The course was held from 16 July – 28 July 2018.

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Programme ETC_Summer School 2018 (in PDF)



Read here about the Concha Colomer Symposium 2018
The first day of every ETC Course was dedicated to our Spanish Co-founder of ETC-PHHP, Concha Colomer (1954-2011). She was a feminist, Spanish pediatrician and public health practitioner and an influential leader both in the Europe and Latin-America. Her capacity of pioneering and sharing success was crucial for her personal, political and professional life. She worked at the University of Alicante as lecturer in pediatrics and later in public health.

Download the leaflet of the ETC-PHHP Summer School 2018 Perugia here

Leaflet Summer School 2018 final

Leaflet Summer School 2018 final1

Course content:
Central to the 27th ETC Summer School is an intergenerational perspective on health promotion:  Lifecourse health development: empowering people and settings. Globally, the importance of adopting a settings approach and the significant role of social connectedness among people, communities, human-beings and their environments, has been widely recognised.

The ETC summer-course was established in 1991 and is underpinned by theoretical frameworks from the field of Health Promotion. Central to this is the Salutogenic principles and perspectives, which emphasise the mobilisation of individual, social and environmental assets and resources, for the empowerment of people and communities to improve their own health and wellbeing.

Within this historical scenario, The Perugia ETC summer course (2018) will provide high level training focused on life-long health assets and resources for health development and health promoting contexts in everyday life. The Perugia setting will be the perfect learning environment where these two aspects, social contexts and life course, will meet through the intergenerational perspective. Distance learning and experiential learning will provide and pose frameworks, questions, problems, events and experiences about empowering people and settings.

A recurring theme running throughout the course will be the engagement of participants in lively academic and professional consideration of links between Salutogenesis, developed by Aaron Antonovsky, and intergenerational community health development.

The overall aim of the Perugia residential Summer School is to provide an international and multidisciplinary forum for the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and skills, with opportunities to explore:

  • People-environment interaction in relation to the promotion of health and wellbeing (health promotion)
  • Internal and external resources and mechanisms that enable people to participate fully in society
  • System approaches to create synergy between Salutogenesis and the life course perspective

More information is available on this website and HERE.

During the summer course, you will stay in the beautiful Hotel Sacro Cuore in Perugia. This hotel was derived from a 19th century mansion that belonged to the Monti family. The recently renovated hotel offers all guests the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stay in an oasis of peace, immersed in a secular park, in a relaxed atmosphere which is full of history.


The ETC-PHHP team came together on January 21st and 22nd to prepare a very interesting programme for the 2018 summerschool in Perugia.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

  •  Giuseppe Masanotti Professor of Public Health
  •  Giancarlo Pocetta Professor of Public Health
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