Summer course 2017 – Alicante

Public Health Assets

Mapping and Mobilizing Health Assets

The 26th residential Summercourse were held at the University of Alicante, Spain, Hosted by Carlos Alvarez-Dardet Diaz.


During the 26th edition of the ETC Summer School, The Alicante Declaration on Public Health Assets was developed. You can download the Declaration below:
Alicante Declaration on Public Health Assets 2017

Please take a look at this video below of the ETC summercourse 2017.

Programme 2017:

Programma ETC-1

Programma ETC-2

Programme ETC 2017 (pdf)

The first day of the ETC Course was dedicated to our Spanish Co-founder of ETC-PHHP, Concha Colomer (1958 — April 9, 2011). You can download the programme of the symposium here: Concha Colomer Symposium 2017 Programme

Concha Colomer
Concha Colomer

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Roald Pijpker, MSc student Health and Society at Wageningen University and participant of the 2016 ETC Summercourse in Wageningen:

Contact person
Prof. Carlos Alvarez-Dardet Diaz
Professor of Public Health
Director Observatory of Public Policies and Health
Editor in chief of gaceta sanitaria ( Journal of the Spanish public health and health management association (SESPAS)

University of Alicante
The Public Health Research Group
ap. de correos, 99
03080, Alicante