Previous Courses

ETC Courses 1991-2017

1991 Valencia, Spain
1992 Goteborg, Sweden
1993 Valencia, Spain
1994 Liverpool, UK
1995 Prague, Czech Republic
1996 Prague, Czech Republic
1997 Cagliari, Italy
1998 Wageningen, Netherlands
1999 Liverpool, UK
2000 Zagreb, Croatia
2002 Valencia, Spain
2003 Cagliari, Italy
2004 Galway, Ireland
2005 Perugia, Italy
2006 Zagreb, Croatia
2007 Wageningen/Düsseldorf
2008 Bergen, Norway
2009 Cagliari, Italy
2010 Magdeburg, Germany
2011 Zagreb, Croatia
2012 Wrexham, Wales, UK
2013 Girona, Spain
2014 Rennes, France
2015 Cagliari, Italy
2016 Wageningen, Netherlands
2017 Alicante, Spain
2018 Perugia, Italy

Citations from participants

“It has been a great opportunity to meet different kinds of people from whom you could learn a lot, and I definitely feel that I now have created the European network that could be useful in the future.”

“It was very difficult to work in a group consisting of participants from different culture, backgrounds, age…, but at the same time it was very interesting and challenging. I learned a lot, I worked a lot, and I lived a lot.”

“In conclusion, this course was not only a rich learning experience academically and professionally but personally as well. It allowed me to broader my horizons by learning more about the European views on health, wellbeing and health promotion which triggered an evolution in my perspectives.”



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