Klaus D Pluemer

Klaus D Pluemer

Retired Social Economist (since April 2011)
Former Senior Lecturer at the Academy of Public Health in Düsseldorf for Health Promotion and New Public Health Leadership Training (12/1987 – 4/2011)
Freelance Consultant on Demand – Independent Coach for Public Health &B Health Promotion

Research area’s
Sociology, economics and political sciences
• economical and structural development of modern societies
• scientific-technical development and professional qualification requirements
• social structural changes and development within modern societies

Key areas: community health promotion, healthy cities, management in public health services, curricular development for higher education in health promotion, management and leadership training for public health services; National AIDS-Qualification programme 1987-89.
Almost twenty-five years of in-service training at the Academy of Public Health, higher education training and continuing professional development (CPD) for medical specialists of public health and other professions including health promotion professionals working within the German public health system at the local and regional level.

Key activities
1990 – 1996 professional training courses for local and regional health promoters and public health specialists: »Health Promotion and Lifeworld-Oriented Prevention on Local Level«
1998 – 2011 Leadership Training »New Public Health Management« for Directors of Local Health Authorities and employees who are in a leading position within Local Health Departments and Health Authorities.
2002 – 2014 Lecturer and Tutor European Training Consortium in Public Health and Health Promotion (ETC-PHHP) including ETC-PHHP Co-Coordinator from 2010 – 2014.
2002 Plümer et al. »Evaluating the Implementation of the WHO Healthy Cities Programme across Germany (1999 – 2002)«
Visiting and guest lecturer: Nordic School of Public Health; Wageningen University; Liverpool University (Laureate) UK; Public Health and Health Promotion Institutes in Latvia, Albania and Kosovo.
2003 – 2012 Consultant for the Federal Centre of Health Education, Germany (BZgA), Member of the Expert Group »Health Promotion with Socially Disadvantaged« Models of Good Practice« and Member of the Advisory Group »Gesundheitliche Chancengleichheit«
2004 External expert in the EU-Phare twinning project on »Capacity Building for Public Health and Health Promotion Agencies« in Latvia.

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