Eric Breton

Dr. Eric Breton

Dr. Eric Breton

ETC Host 2014

Holder of the Inpes research chair in health promotion

École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique (EHESP)
Avenue du Professeur-Léon-Bernard
35043 Rennes Cedex, France

Eric Breton is the holder of a research Chair in health promotion funded by Public Health France (Santé publique France).  At the EHESP School of Public Health Eric brings his strong international background with research appointments in Canada, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Research area’s
Interested for some years in the study of policy advocacy strategies of public health agencies in the realm of chronic diseases (with a focus on tobacco control programs and policies) his research agenda is now focused on improving capacities of health promotion systems in addressing the social determinants of health for equity and on the evaluation of complex community programmes.

Involved in ETC
Since 2011

One thing you like about ETC
ETC PHHP Summer school reminds us that although we all embrace different perspectives on public health practice and research we all work for the same thing: better health and well-being for all people.

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