Carlos Alvarez-Dardet Diaz

Prof. Carlos Alvarez-Dardet Diaz

Prof. Carlos Alvarez-Dardet Diaz

ETC Founder

Professor of Public Health
Director Observatory of Public Policies and Health
Editor in chief of gaceta sanitaria ( ) Journal of the Spanish public health and health management association (SESPAS)

University of Alicante
The Public Health Research Group
ap. de correos, 99
03080, Alicante

Professor Alvarez-Dardet was married for 28 years to Concha Colomer, another ETC PHHP founder, and did a lot of things together among them having a child (Marina) and writing a book (Health Promotion and Social Change). Professor Alvarez-Dardet is a public health person with special interests in the relation of policies, both corporate and public, and the health of populations. He served the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) as president in the 90s and was editor in chief of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health from 1998 to 2008. He developed the notion of political epidemiology to learn how governments and public agencies shape our health.

Research area’s
Social and political determinants of health, global health.

Involved in ETC
Since the very beginning in 1991.

One thing you like about ETC
Teaching health promotion using health promotion techniques.

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