Arnd Hofmeister

Arnd Hofmeister Dr

Arnd Hofmeister Dr

ETC Host 2010

Nexus Institut
Research Fellow
Research Consulting, Participation
Freelance Health Consultant
Trainer and Researcher
Member of the Executive Board

Arnd Hofmeister is research fellow at the Nexus Institut for Research, consulting and participation and works as a consultant for health and social services. Currently lecturing at 7 different universities in Germany, the UK, Austria, and the Netherlands in postgraduate Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes. He teaches Public Health and Qualitative Research Methods in on campus and online programmes. His research is theoretically driven and strongly influenced by critical theory and poststructuralism. Recent research projects included qualitative studies on reflexivity in higher education and participatory mixed methods approaches on prevention of sexual child abuse. In the last 15 years he collaborated in 10 European Union funded projects in Public Health and Higher Education. He published in peer reviewed journals and contributed to editorial books on conceptual and critical perspectives on public health, critical psychology, and higher education.

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