Anna Bonmatí Tomàs

Anna Bonmatí Tomas Prof Dr

Dr. Anna Bonmatí Tomàs

ETC Host 2013

Lecturer of Nursing Department in University of Girona
Coordinator of International Relations of Faculty of Nursing in University of Girona
Member of Ethics Committee in Girona Region
Collaborator in Chair of Health Promotion of University of Girona

University of Girona
Faculty of Nursing
Emili Grahit 77
17071 Girona, Spain

Anna Bonmatí Tomàs studies in Pharmacology. She worked as a pharmacist for 10 years, after which she decided to initiate her studies in nursing and health promotion. Nowadays Dr. Bonmatí Tomàs is enthusiastic to spread the salutogenic approach in the health promotion field, especially within vulnerable groups of people.

Research area’s
Health promotion, salutogenesis.

Involved in ETC
Since 2010 in Magdeburg, Germany.

One thing you like about ETC
The methods and the atmosphere created. Everybody learns from each other.

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