Concha Colomer Symposium 2022

10th Concha Colomer Symposium

The 10th Concha Colomer Symposium will be held on July 18, 2022, in Valencia, Spain. This year’s theme will be Salutogenesis in practice. A day to share knowledge and experiences on community action for health between course participants and the health promotion work in the Valencian Community.

The symposium aims to be a space for reflection and sharing knowledge and experiences of municipalities in collaboration with local associations and citizens to promote health and reduce inequalities. We share knowledge about salutogenesis in daily practice in different settings.

Participation in the symposium is free.

Poster presentation

There is a possibility to present a poster about a study/good practice carried out by municipalities, health centers, researchers, or community associations that promote health in an intersectoral, participatory manner and with an equity perspective.

The deadline to submit posters will be Monday June 20th. Please use the format provided below. Posters can be submitted by email to:

More information? Send an email to or give us a call at +34 96 19 25 826.

Programme and information

The leaflet can also be downloaded here.