Concha Colomer Symposium

Concha Colomer

Concha Colomer


The first day of every ETC Course is dedicated to our Spanish Co-founder of ETC-PHHP, Concha Colomer.

Concha Colomer  (1954-2011) was a feminist, Spanish pediatrician and public health practitioner. One of the founders of ETC PH-HP and a very influential leader both in the Europe and Latin-America, her capacity of pioneering and sharing success was crucial for her personal, political and professional life. She developed one of the first experiences in primary health care for children in spain in the 1970s, and practiced for several years pediatrics in Valencia, because of her doctoral thesis she became interested first in epidemiology and later in public health, receiving post graduate training in USA, France and Spain. She started as assistant professor in pediatrics at the university of Alicante but soon preferred public health and when the valencian school of public health (IVESP) was founded in 1987 she was one of their first professor in the chair of health promotion, in which she developed her career and made important contributions both in research and practice specially in the areas of healthy cities, gender and health and social pediatrics

As dean of IVESP she developed an offer of teaching of international good reputation, committed with international relations she was a key person in fuelling ETC PH_HP and in South America, the online training course CIPS (still ongoing), being also very much involved in the activities of ASPHER, ESSOP (now ISSOP) and different euro-WHO networks like the regions for health network, or investment in health projects

Later with the government of president Zapatero in Spain she created and leaded the women´s health observatory in the ministry of health with great success starting many new pathways of cooperation with different partners to improve women health in Spain and beyond.

Her unexpected death in 2011 left many orphans, her daughter marina and her husband carlos are the obvious one but many relatives, professionals and friends still  feel the void she left. WHO- euro published an issue of eurohealth observer dedicated to her memory and achievements (

ETC-PHHP organized a Concha Colomer Symposium since 2011 (the logo has been designed freely for ETC by marina alvarez-dardet colomer her daughter) but also in Buenos Aires every year there is a Concha Colomer seminario in FLACSO argentina, and the same occurs every spring in Valencia with the Conferencia Concha Colomer, showing how her ideas, leadership, caring attitude and love are still with us.



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