The ETC Balloon

The story of the ETC symbol, the hot air balloon

by Bengt Lindström

I think all who attended the first ETC courses still are able to remember how we used the hot air balloon as a symbol for the life journey, stating that all of us are equipped, somewhat equally, for this journey. We all have our own balloon but we need to learn to navigate in and with the help of people and the environment. To ride a balloon symbolizes the unpredictability and the skills we can learn in the life run.
The symbol was used when I explained why Quality of Life and Wellbeing is a lost dimension in Public Health and Health Promotion as an outcome of the health process. This later became the image representing the principles and values of the Ottawa Charter.


The Hot Air Balloon as ETC Symbol

The capability to navigate between heaven and earth, all ups and downs in one’s life and stay healthy is the resource called SOC. Hot Air Balloon stands for Salutogenic Training – the core concept of ETC-PHHP ‘Healthy Learning’ process too.

balloon 3

Images from the ETC Symposium 2011


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