ETC History


The European Training Consortium in Public Health and Health Promotion (ETC-PHHP)*, involving eleven institutions and schools of public health from different European countries was founded1) at the initiating meeting in Gothenburg in 1990.

During the last years ETC-PHHP has organized an annual summer school focused on developing practical and theoretical tools to enhance health promotion strategies in Europe. The course which is held each July/August, is conducted at post-graduate (Master) level and constitutes 200 hours of formal study. The learning approach is based on salutogenic principles using a Global and Pan-European perspective.

Since the first summer school in 1991, about 700 participants from over 50 countries have participated. The summer schools in Cagliari 2003, Galway 2004, Perugia 2005, Zagreb 2006, Düsseldorf/Wageningen 2007, Bergen 2008, Cagliari 2009, Magdeburg 2010 and again Zagreb 2011, were held in collaboration with The European Masters Programme in Health Promotion (EUMAHP).

ETC-PHHP Consortium 2017

Cagliari (Italy, since 1995) – Wageningen (The Netherlands, since 1995) – Perugia (Italy, since 2006) – Bergen (Norway, since 2006) – Trondheim (since 2010) – Girona (Spain, since 2011) – Rennes (France, since 2013) – Nijmegen (The Netherlands, 2013) – Chester (UK, since 2011) – Alicante (Spain, since 2015) and one independant consultant (Germany) .

ETC-PHHP: The story so far

The WHO Health for All Targets adopted in 1984, as a common Public Health Strategy for the European Region, has increased the need for a reorientation of Public Health Policy training and education in Europe. In 1987 the WHO Regional Office for Europe started a joint project with the Association of Schools of Public Health in European Region (ASPHER) to investigate the possibilities of developing a new Public Health Education Programme.

The European Training Consortium in Public Health and Health Promotion (ETC-PHHP) is the only working group that continued to work on the initiatives started by the ASPHER and the WHO/EURO. After the initiating meeting in Gothenburg, other working groups did not organize the training courses. The ETC-PHHP is now formed by eleven public health schools and institutions from different European countries. The collaboration has showed that there is a good basis for a high quality and successful collaboration among the ETC-PHHP members.

During the 26th edition of the ETC Summer School in 2017, The Alicante Declaration on Public Health Assets was developed. You can download the Declaration below:
Alicante Declaration on Public Health Assets 2017

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